Dog Tag Tattoo and Dog Microchip. Dog Identification tattoos & microchips

Pups are vaccinated and tattooed at 7 weeks of age or older. Identification using a dog microchip or tatto tag is essential for the owner change, even if it is not a sale. There are two techniques for tattooing: In the first the letters or numbers are printed in the earlobe with a special ink. This kind of tattoo is used for young animals, for it doesn't need anesthesia. The inconvenience about it is that it doesn't look too god on the adult dog. The other alternative is a regular tattoo, which is better, but does need anesthesia. Tattoos are preferably done on the right earlobe, although it can be done on the inner region of the thigh. Nowadays the microchip is becoming more and more popular, and it is implanted underneath the skin, behind the right ear. Implanting the chip is painless and does not need anesthesia; the chip is invisible and has an unlimited duration. Reading the 5 letter and 5 numbercode is done with a special device that emits electromagnetic waves, which make the chip emit its code. This reader is connected to a computer, where you get all the information. Advantages about this identification method are the fact that it is easy to use, easy to implant, and does not need anesthesia.

Abandoned animals: Sadly, not all dogs are treated the way they should be. Some cruel owners, uncomfortable with the responsibilities towards their adult dogs, that have "lost" the charm of their youth, decide to get rid of them. Every year, when winter vacations arrive, thousands of dogs are abandoned in streets, parks, or worse, in highways. Animal protection societies and municipal services take care of most of these dogs, which are fed, vaccinated and cleaned. If a possible buyer decides to go to one of these centers, it is important to be careful, for, with an unknown pedigree and possible mistreating, the dog might have psychological problems. The fact that the dog is an adult does not mean it is educated or tamed. However, people who take care of these animals love them, and their help is utterly useful when picking a dog that is right for you. The person who chooses to give a home to one of these dogs must be conscious of the hard work it will take for them to adapt to a normal life.

To make sure the adoption is successful, the dog must progressively get used to the presence of its future owner. A good way to accomplish this is by visiting the dog for a while and take it for a walk. This is the only way to make sure you are accepted and have the respect of the animal. It is also good to have in mind that the first months will not be comfortable. Of course, it will not be nice if you just return the dog whenever you have a problem. It is extremely pleasant to see a dog that has been through so much is finally happy.

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