Dog Injuries, Diseases and Health Problems

Dog in Traffic Accidents: Many of us have been witness to such accidents: a screech of tires, and, following a deafening crash. The dog goes rolling onto the highway or flying off. We barely dare look; but you have to act, and quickly and decidedly.

You have to take a series of measures although everybody involved is obviously shocked.

  1. Identify the vehicle which caused the accident. For the driver, an accident is always a grievous situation which can cause the strangest reactions.
  2. leash the dog immediately. The animal, in strong shock, will either shakingly stand up or will remain lying on the round, depending on the impact. Put on the leash as it occasionally happens that even mild and obedient dogs run away after an accident.
  3. Carefully observe the dog. He might have stood up normally and maybe even have started walking immediately. Later – when the pains start – he will look worse. The indications that the veterinarian might give about the initial situation are very important, because if the dog can walk, then probably no bone has suffered any injury.
  4. Do not argue with the driver. No one can immediately determine who is to blame.
  5. Stay calm and think about what you will do after that. The initial commotion has passed; the passersby have already left. You are now alone with the dog. If there is a threatening hemorrhage, try to contain it. Do not tie any limb! Look around for some material which can help you bandage the wound (in the driver´s car maybe). Apply the bandage with pressure around the bleeding area and hold firmly.

On the other hand, you, or someone near you, should get in touch with the veterinarian as soon as possible. Let's imagine a favorable situation: after the collision, the victim gets on his feet and starts walking without complaining – although a bit shaky. Although there might have been internal hemorrhages or injuries, you must continue with the walk: if your dog's state is still good, or improves, the risk of something serious is minimal. If your dog has urinated or defecated and there is no trace of blood, you can rest assured that your dog is pretty much ok. Once you get home, search your dog for any scratches. If so, you have to carefully cut the hair surrounding the wound with curved scissors. If the dog can't lick the wound himself, simply sprinkle some talcum powder on it. Anyway, all serious open wounds must be treated by you veterinarian with local anesthesia. After that, you should try to spoil your dog as much as possible: give him a very tasty meal and speak nice and comforting words to him; it is also necessary for the dog to get in a good mood.

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