Dog Instinct versus Conscience

Dogs are not inanimate objects but are very much alive. They are living, feeling beings with big hearts, capable of giving much more than they receive.
However they are almost always defenseless in front of humans and it is for this reason that our ancestors went as far as instituting laws (such as those found in the Ancient Egyptian Empire) that carried sever penalties for those found mistreating or abusing their dogs or other pets. The most serious of these laws even carried a penalty of death. While we aren't suggesting going to such extremes, we do want to make perfectly clear that it is your responsibility as a dog owner to provide your four legged canine with the its basic necessities. As well as the safety and security that it needs in order to live a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately many people seem to either not understand what their dogs need or they just don't care. Too many people look at their dogs as "things" rather than living beings.
One of the most distressing things is that daily we hear of reports of abuse toward pets and it has gotten so bad in some instances that dogs or other pets have even been killed by careless or sadistic owners.
The instances of abuse towards animals are shocking reminders that we as humans have a lot to learn about properly caring for the things under our protection. We must see dogs as creatures in need of our understanding and concern, not nuisances we would rather be rid of. If you can't give your dog the attention and proper care that it merits, then it is best to give it up to the local authorities or a shelter. For these reasons you should never give a puppy as a surprise gift to anyone. Always make sure that the person receiving the dog is going to be able a willing to give the dog what it needs, both now and in the future. One thing is obvious, dogs need us much more than we need them. Domestic dogs are hardly able to survive without their human masters and because of this dogs see humans almost as omnipotent beings. They feel indebted to us and although they hardly ever understand our actions and reactions, they adapt the best that they can. Actually they really have no other choice.

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