Dog Intelligence

Dog Breed Intelligence: It is true that dogs are intelligent; the problem comes in though when people try to compare a dog's intelligence with a human's. There is a gap between a human's and a dog's intelligence because of the impossibility the dog has to access conceptual thought and logic as well as verbal language which allows humans to communicate. We cannot speak comparatively about a dog's intelligence without keeping in mind their essential differences. A dog lives his life in association with man and man his. To treat these two lives as if they were on the same level would be a mistake because of the way each responds to each and the distinctiveness that is not changed from the beginning. A dog needs to be looked on as an individual, not only because of their instinctive feat but by the interaction the dogs has with a person which is expressed by determined behaviors as well as internal and external stimulus. When we observe as an objective the study of a dog's behavior and evolution, we have oftenbeen surprised by the possibilities of their intelligence and at the same time puzzled. Sometimes a dog learns and their responses coincide with what the trainer has taught him while other times their response and behavior is completely unexpected or they do something they were not taught which drives us to feeling completely disoriented by the limitations of our information and concepts in front of the possibility of the dog's conscious mental process.
People have been able to collect information of the existence of a mental process that allows a dog to resolve situations and unexpected problems by association of conditioned reflexes in order to obtain what they want. A dog is said to be intelligent if they learn from experience and are able to remember to avoid past mistakes. However, the word intelligence is not used in the same way for dog owners and trainers, therefore it is difficult to determine the level of intelligence an animal has. We can't speak comparatively about animals of different species either because of the fact that they are genetically different.

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