Dog Itching and Scratching

CAUSES of scratching dog: Worms, anal glands, itchy skin, boredom (attention seeking).

WORMS: Regular DE-WORMING for ALL worms. Make sure tapeworm is included. i.e. every 3-4 months. If in young dogs worms are seen on faeces after defecating, de-worm immediately and then again in two weeks.
Even if no other dog is in contact with yours, fleas can spread tapeworm and a stray cat crossing your yard over the fence can drop flea eggs. So, no one is safe!

ANAL GLANDS: If the dog has a history of ANAL GLAND problems, i.e. blockages then this would be treated by the Vet.
Normally, anal sacs are emptied when the dog defecates. If not then it is a good idea to learn to express them yourself. It is best to let the vet show you how. Some dogs get infections and abscess from anal glands and in chronic cases the glands are removed. Signs of anal infection, goes from initially red to a deep purple with a swelling at the site of the gland. This is a very sore and sensitive area so be considerate. It will have to be lanced and cleaned by the vet.

ITCHINESS: Any sort of ITCHINESS will stimulate the dog to scratch. This includes bottom scratching. Do not allow your dog to continue scratching as is soon causes secondary problems. A cause must be found and relief given ASAP!
If you think of a mosquito bite, scratching only gives temporary relief and makes the sore worse. Also see SCRATCHING.

BOREDOM: Boredom (attention) some dogs do this for a satisfying itchy feeling and attention. People laugh at the sight of it and the dog thinks it is a trick which pleases the owner, so it keeps doing it. In these cases you have to discourage the dog through training (verbally).

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