Dog Kennel Cough

When a lot of dogs are kept in one same kennel, it is common for the dog kennel couch disease to spread. It usually affects younger dogs. Most home remedies are not so effective and often provoke a chronic situation which can lead to a pneumonia. When your veterinarian writes out a treatment plan, also talk to him about the possibility of a preventive vaccine.

Strange objects is shocking dog: The presence of a strange object in the nose or larynx (or even trachea) can sometimes produce sneezing (in the first case) or coughing (in the second case). Some of the causes are bad weed, twigs, or spikes. When the symptoms appear all of a sudden in a violent manner, and the mucous only comes out one nostril, you should suspect of a strange object. The way to solve this is by, naturally, taking the object out with the help of special instruments – by a veterinarian, of course.

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