Dog Leeches - Canine Eczema

Upon returning home, you notice some odd shapes on your dog's fur, from the size of needle to that of a pea. Its aspect is so repulsive; yes, they're leeches, which in the tropics are a real headache. It is necessary to remove the leeches as they torment the dog and suck his blood. The best way to do so is by using your fingers or, better so, with special tweezers.Canine Dog Eczema: Your dog is itching, his hair is falling, his skin is full of pimples, and he is, maybe, covered in superficial wounds, even though the presence of parasites can not be confirmed. Well, it is eczema, a painful and slow situation. Acute and intense eczemas are easier to treat than the chronic ones (more discreet). Therapy is very difficult even with the veterinarian. It has to be done both internally and externally. You can help your dog by efficiently giving him a balanced diet rich in vitamins.

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