Dog Lovers

Dog love: The bond and love that exists between a dog and his owner (the Dog Lover) is something inexplicable. Love and loyalty are in the first place of the characteristics we look for in a dog, and if they are trained and taken care of right, that is precisely what you will get, and more. It is not only up to the dog to learn what we want or expect of them, most of it actually depends on us and on how we learn to understand them and heed to their needs. A dog that has learned and been taken care of the right way will trust in his owner forever.

Dog mind readers: If you have a dog or have had a dog, you will probably have noticed how some of them seem to be able to tell when you were coming back home by waiting for you at the door or window. There have been experiments done on this and it has been proven that it more than simple coincidence. It's almost as if dogs are able to feel their owners coming near and it seems that they are responding to an unknown physical signal. There might be a lot to dogs that we don't know yet. Who knows?

For dog lovers: It has been proven that rubbing and massaging a dog has a beneficial effect on the blood pressure of the person rubbing the dog. Not only is it a pleasant experience for your dog, but it is good for your health as well.
Dogs can be trained with treats but it is not recommended to always use them and each dog has different likes too. The kind of prizes you can give a dog while training them are food, toys, lots of praise etc.

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