Dog Lumbar Pain - Dog love aches

Due to strong pains, lumbar (of or relating to or near the part of the back between the ribs and the hipbones) pains make the dog look like he's gone mad. He won't want to be held, he will try to bit, he will be exceptionally aggressive and his head will remain tilted most of the time.

The veterinarian will try to relieve the pain as quick as possible by administering strong analgesics. Please, do NOT torture him by giving him home remedies!Dog love aches: Those who for a first time observe a dog with love aches, think that his whining, howling and constant scratching on the door are signs of something really serious. But, although you correctly interpret what is going on with the [male] dog, you must do something to help him. Just locking him up, without giving any help, is like torturing. If you're his friend, give him a tranquilizer, which your veterinarian can give you.

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