Natural Balance Dog Food: Dog Main Course Recipes

Dog Main Course Recipes

The time has come to pleasure your dog with the same you would do for yourself, a well prepared main course. These natural balance dog food recipes offer a variety of textures and scents that will delight your dog. Even the pickiest dogs will be awed by the variety and the way the meat, chicken, fish etc taste. There are several international meals that seem like they were made in five star restaurants. The following main courses are very practical that are good for your dog at any time. The highlight of them is that not only are they tasty, but nutritionally good for your dog as well since they contain a lot of vitamins. Happy eating to your dog!

Ivan Pavlov's dog delight

Bouvier meat pie for dogs

Schnauzer schnitzel

Dog sukiyaki

Dog chili

Rumanian stew with meatballs

Hound hash

Steak, kidney, and kibble dog pie

Mixed meatloaf for dogs

Hungarian dog goulash

Shepherd's lamb pie for dogs

Turnspit barbecue dog kebabs

Mutton barley dog stew

Kerry blue's mulligan dog stew

Afghan yogurt lamb

Dog lamb stew

Dog pot luck

Canine carbonara

Welsh dog rarebit

Beagles bean casserole

Ratatouille and sausage

Sausage with rice pilaf for dogs

Stuffed hot dogs

Dog lasagna liver

Dog liver rolls

Couscous and chicken liver for dogs

The dog firehouse special

Chicken and gravy for dogs

Pyrenees paella

Stalker dog stew

Chicken and vegetable pie for dogs

St. Bernard's spring chicken

Chow chow stir-fry

Catahoula Gumbo

Terrier's turkey burgers

King Spaniel Soufflé

Coonhound pie

Stuffed rabbit for dogs

Poodle polenta

Sheltie potato stew

Fish bisque for dogs

Sardine sandwiches for dogs

Fish stew for dogs

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