Dog Massages

Dog massages: Some dogs prefer getting massaged more than scratched. One good place to start is behind the dog's ears. You will be able to notice if the dog like is by his reactions, if the dog leans his head toward you and his face is relaxed etc, it means he is really enjoying it. A relaxed dog will not be tense, his tail will not be hiding under his body and he will not show any signals of tension whatsoever. Massaging your dog this way can be beneficial not only for your dog but for you as well since you will have to learn to relax completely in order to instill this into your dog as well.

There are certain places that dogs do not enjoy being touched in. While there are some dogs that enjoy being touched in their stomach, others don't like it at all. If you notice your dog tenses up and that his expression changes or if his ears are downward, it means he is not completely relaxed about it.Another place that dogs generally don't enjoy being touched is on their hind legs. Often times a dog will try to sit when someone tries to touch him on his hind legs to avoid the person from touching him there. Dogs would normally not touch each other in this area, and they don't like humans touching them there either. Some dogs like being hugged and others don't. You can see whether they like this depending on if they got used to it when they were puppies. If the dog's tail is low and his ears are slightly back it means he is just tolerating it. However, if you see that the dog tenses up, it's best to calm him down by talking to him and touching him in the areas he would prefer which are his chest and back.

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