Dog Mating & Breeding and Heat Information

Dog in Heat: The first heat is manifested between the first 7 or 8 months, according to the size of the adult (the smaller breeds start earlier). We can observe the vulva gets swollen and leaves traces of blood. The female dog attracts the males. This lasts about 5 to 15 days, and is shown by the posture and acceptance of the male. The female is in heat 2 times a year. It is important for the owner to keep control of the dates in their health book. The owner's control of the female dog's heat and reproduction is essential of the dog's hygiene. Different products exist as pills that have a hormone for the prevention of this stage, as well as for the males that experiment excessive sexual excitation.

The Prevention of Heat: In order to prevent this, we must start this treatment, 7 to 15 days before the stage begins. Therefore, we must not intervene during the first heat. Most of the heat inhibitors contain megesterol acetate. If administered daily during 32 days we can have four to six months of tranquility. This hormone has very few secondary effects if they are respected according to the instructions. The presentation usually comes in the form of sugar and has a great advantage since the female dog likes it a lot.

The Interruption of the Dog's Heat: This is not a system of contraception and must only be used in exceptional circumstances. It is obligatory to intervene between the second and third day when the first manifestations of heat appear. If this does not happen, there is a high risk of failure. The treatment is based on the same products that are used for the prevention, but in more important doses. We increase the dose during 3 days, then weadminister it normally during 3 more days and at last we half the dose for the next 7 days. The next time that the dog is in heat we will have to control the dates in order to guarantee prevention so that we don't interrupt it again. We can also sterilize the dog through a surgical procedure.

Vaginal Fluid Anomalies: Every vaginal fluid must be observed. The metritis or infection to the uterus is manifested with intense thirst and the emission of fluid is not clear. The female licks herself without stopping. If we give the female dog a contraceptive in the form of a pill or shot, it increases the risk of an infection. The cases of the inefficiency of antibiotics are not rare. In such cases it is necessary to remove the body of the uterus (hysterectomy). The care of the reproductive organs is limited to the cleaning of them with a gynecological solution if the flow is abundant, even though female dogs clean themselves in a natural way. On the contrary, female dogs in gestation or in the period of breeding require special attention

Dog's False Gestation: It is not an illness; it is a problem whose prevention and treatment are included by having in mind the dog's hygiene. The false gestation is caused by a hormonal mix up, which is manifested with the rise of milk, associated or not to the behavioral alterations; the female is sad, takes property of determined objects and is scared or aggressive. This usually happens about 1 month and a half after heat. The teats swell up and after some days they secrete milk. It is necessary to stop the milking when the first symptoms are observed. The sooner we intervene the faster the secretion of milk will be stopped. If we proceed with any treatment, the teats can get more swollen and this can lead to a case of mastitis. This problem deals with a series of hygienic measures and with the administration of pills. Other measures should be applied, like a water diet for 48 hours, with frequent outings and the confiscation of all the toys. All of these will favor the psychological change that will help make the dog's behavior normal. The medical treatments consist in stopping the mil secretion through the hormones. These hormones act directly on the central nervous system and permit the decongestion of the teats. After 4 days we will observe a recuperation of the normal behavior and the reduction of the teats. Logically, the first step, previous to any type of treatment is to make sure that the dog is not pregnant.First Aid for Dogs

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