Dog Medicines

Liquid dog medicines are best given with a syringe (NO needle!). Put the syringe to the side of the mouth, between the two lines of teeth. Hold the dog's head in your direction, and then, inject the liquid on the tongue so the dog will have no alternative but swallowing it.Pills can be given inside a meat piece. Make sure the dog doesn't spit it out, if this happens, put the pill on the tongue, as deep as possible, and then close the dog's mouth. Again, it will have no alternative. You can give it some water to help, afterwards.

Dog Suppositories: Cover them in petroleum jelly and push them through the rectum, as deep as possible. It is best to do this right after the dog has defecated.

Putting a muzzle on your dog: Some dogs turn against their owners or vets when they try to measure the temperature or administer a suppository. In this case what you have to do is get a very strong tape, and cut a 1m strip, then put it around the dog's mouth and cross the endings two times, and finally tie your dog's mouth up right behind the ears for more comfort.

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