Dog Meeting Another Dog Dominating Characters

Bringing in another dog: If you bring a male puppy dog in, to live where there is already another male dog, it's likely that a sad situation will originate for the youngest of the two dogs. It's possible that for some time he will act protective, taking care of and playing with the puppy, although these games will mark acts of submission and limitations. It's likely that everything will go well during a few months but when two male or two female dogs live closely together, the nature of these reactions will be vulnerable to suffering considerable variations. It is possible that the relationship will be favorable making it possible for them to form a harmonic union, but this is not frequent since one usually has more advantage. If both dogs have dominating characters it will be difficult for them to live together peacefully. The young one will usually try to take over the territory. Depending on the behavior of an aggressive dog, you can try with a dog that is a stranger, but make sure you do not let him off the leash until you are sure your dog will not reactaggressively and that you are able to control the situation.To be able to keep certain equilibrium, you will need to avoid any stimulus that could cause the dogs of the same sex to become aggressive with each other. It is important the dogs do not fight for a female dog, a walk, or ride in the car, affection, care etc. You need to make sure also to not punish one dog in front of the other since this can motivate the other dog to do the same and it will happen when the owner is not there. The behavior of two female dogs that live together can bring about aggressions between them although it will not be as violent as the males. You should use the same type of training though to teach them to get along.

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