A Dog Metabolism. Dog Metabolic Disturbances . Pancreatic Insufficiency

Sometimes, Dog Metabolism variations can have a critical beginning, like fever in a female dog while puppies are suckling, though generally tend to be more destructive, and can be of many kinds.

My dog has been losing weight for sometime without losing appetite

The veterinarian suggests it could be a pancreatic insufficiency, what is that? Can it be treated? Pancreas is a vital organ that produces hormones, like insulin and enzymes, to help digestion in the thin intestine. In a case of pancreatic insufficiency, there is an inadequate production of enzymes, leading to an incomplete discomposure of food to be absorbed by the body. As a result, food is defecated almost without digestion, with a clear color, not solid, and a disgusting odor. As the dog does not get the appropriate nutrition from his food, he starts losing weight for some time. This insufficiency can be confirmed through clinical exams. Treatment consists in giving the dog sufficient enzymes through food, normally as capsules or powder, to compensate this deficiency. It can also be helpful to add ox's gizzards (pancreas) to the diet, this increases the proteins level in relation with that of the carbon hydrates and greases. Unfortunately, though this supplement can improve the digestive process, affected dogs do not gain weight, and remain thin. It's not difficult to take care of a dog suffering of a pancreatic insufficiency, in contrast with another suffering of mellitus diabetes; many owners find it so depressive, that they opt for sacrificing the dog.

Is it true that there are two kinds of diabetes identified with dogs?

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