Dog Morphology

We will try to explain the external morphology of the dog as well as its internal physiological aspects. There are many different breeds in the world but we will only refer to the medium sized dog. Remember that for pure breeds there are certain rigorous and defined parameters of judgment called "standard". These parameters take into account the dogs height, measuring it from the neck down to the back of the dog as well as the angle of the dog's extremities, movement, the shape of the head, chest, tail and coat. If you are unsure of your dog's origin, it's still convenient to learn about the different parts and structure of a dog's body.

External dog morphology: In order for a dog's body to be in proportion, it should correspond to some of the general characteristics such as:

  • The dog's body must be shaped within a rectangle. These dogs include hunting dogs.
  • The extremities of the dog must be well shaped and not have any malformations.
  • The feet must be rounded and compact and the toes must not be too open.
  • The trunk of the dog must not have any problems.

Obviously, not all dogs are perfect and not all dogs correspond to the morphology characteristics described above but this does not take away from them being cute, on occasions they even show attributes that are so original and worthy of our respect.

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