Dog mouth and teeth problems - Dog Plaque

The close bond that forms between you and your dog can also become a torment. You might be sitting in your living room and your dog will come up to you begging and panting for your attention, at the same time that he is exhaling a really unpleasant odor. In such as case I recommend a simple inspection. Raise his lips and observe his teeth.Dog Plaque: Practically all dogs over 3 years old have plaque. It's nothing serious. Nevertheless, the veterinarian should remove the layer if it is too thick and it is completely covering the teeth. As a matter of fact, besides causing bad breath, it also causes wounds in the gums and the loosening of the teeth. It is, therefore, recommendable to take preventive measures.

The answer is simple: the only solution is cleaning those teeth.

Suggestion: When cleaning your dog's teeth, don't use your own toothpaste as they don't like the flavor. Instead, use a specially designed paste for dogs.

Veterinarians have buffalo leather for dogs to chew on, with enzymes which prevent plaque accumulation.

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