Dog Neoteric

Neotericism is a theory on the behavior of the canine which can be summarized as follows: starting at the point that when wild a puppy is not self-sufficient, it is easy for it do be dependable on man, being different from an adult wolf, where it is virtually impossible to establish this bond since it needs no one to survive. According to this theory, the domestication of the wolf was brought about by thwarting their mental maturity during their young age through a selection method. This is why it is construed that the dog has the mental development compared to that of a wolf cub.

It is worth mentioning, however, the different types of development of each breed.

The Molosos for example stopped their maturity very young, about the age of a young 2 month wolf cub, which it shares some physical characteristics, like the round head and hanging ears. A puppy at this age is very distrustful. In the same way these dogs are afraid – which is why they bite – of everything they don't know. This is why they are often used for guard dogs. These dogs have a childlike relation with the world that surrounds them and lack the understanding of the hierarchy, because with the wolf hierarchy (which is how each member of the pack is determined) is structured when they are approximately four months old. The result is they don't see man as the "head" of the hypothetical pack and have a limited submissiveness.

Other breeds like the German Shepherd, is found at a more advanced state. They have the physical characteristics typical of an adult wolf (upright ears, pointy snout), but can sill be considered teenagers when it comes to their maturity, and because of this depend a great deal on man. These breeds which are in the middle of the puppy and adult are more versatile and can be used for all kinds of work.More

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