Dog Nephritis

With dog nephritis, which can be acute and chronic, the animal will present a slightly sick aspect. Temperature can go up, he will lose his appetite, and sometimes in extreme cases, he will vomit.You might find realize, and in the beginning find it odd, that your dog wants to look for fresh places to rest. Only a urine test will give us better idea of his state of health. Obtaining the urine is not an easy task, because when you want to collect it in a recipient, he will timidly hold his urine . However, there is trick: tie a cup (or cut a plastic bottle) to a stick. Then, when you go out for a walk and the dog raise his leg to urinate, you simply place it under and collect the urine.
Suggestion: For chronic nephritis there is an excellent diet which your veterinarian will give you.
Important: Bear in mind that a acute kidney inflammation is somewhat easy to cure whereas a chronic one takes more time. Therefore, go to the veterinarian when you notice that the home remedies don't work (applying heat and drinking abundant liquid).

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