Dog nutrition while gestating & pregnant

A gestation latest about nine weeks and during the first weeks of that period, the dog's size is so small that she will not required of any extra feeding. Although some changes do occur in the mother's body. For example, the mammary glands get enlarge but that does not mean you should adjust their diet. Even four weeks after the formation with five or six fetuses in a female dog weights less than fifteen grams. During the fifth week, the dog's appetite increases, is then when we recommend increasing a small quantity of food. If you have, a nutritionist and very balance diet do not change it. At the end of the fifth week, divide their daily food into two portions of equal quantities, and increasing them later in a gradual way. During the sixth week, the appetite will increase so, gradually increased the quantity of food served to satisfy the dogs, do that until one or two days before the delivery. The variation of quantity varies a lot depending on the different Breeds and sizes. The following percentages are observations on the normal consumption of food for maintenance.

  • During the 6ª week of gestation: 40%
  • During the 7ª week of gestation: 50%
  • During the 8ª week of gestation: 60%

On 9 weeks, the fetuses of a small dog can double the quantity of food; on the other hand, the fetuses of a big dog, which can be one or two fetuses, will only need little extra food. Nevertheless, if the dog needs extra food and it does not receive the adequate quantity, it will lose weight at the time of eliminating the excrement, and that eliminates the substances the dog needs to develop their fetuses. In some cases, the fetuses will bear of little size, with malformations or dead. The total weight of the female dog during the gestation depends on the size of the litter to be born. For example: with about 5-6 puppies in a bloodhound size dog, her size will increase about 20% then if you have a smaller size it will increase about 50%. Of all the earning weight, half of that belongs to the total livestock of puppies and the other to the placentas and liquids. With experience on a particular Breed, it is possible to predict the number of puppies after eight weeks of gestation. One day before the birth, some dogs lose their appetite. In addition, if the dog continues eating well and vomits that could be a symptom of an imminent childbirth. Be sure they have plenty of liquid. If the dog likes milk, offer it periodically while the childbirth. This will maintain the calcium level and will diminished the risk of a muscular paralysis. Once the puppies are born, weigh them individually. Continue the process daily for at least two weeks minimum and later twice per week until they are wean.

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