Dog Obedience Training

The initial most important and crucial part of dog obedience training is discipline. This is the one factor that will help the dog trainer successfully train the dog. The dog trainer can start working on commands and the dog's character when the dog is around the age of seven or eight months. This will then allow the trainer to regulate the responses of the natural character of that specific breed. One very important thing to learn before attempting to obedience train a dog is the natural characteristics of the breed you have acquired. Knowing about the dogs natural characteristics will let you know if the breed you have appropriate for the type of training you want to teach him.Although it is true that most dogs can become excellent companion dogs, it won't be so if the dog is not motivated and has all of his needs met such as the adequate amount of exercise (this varies depending on the breed) etc. Remember that dogs are students that are receptive and mentally capacitated to respond adequately since during his growth stage hehas learned many things. Some of the things your dog may have learned are to control his character, to respond, to control rebellious behavior which stands out in some breeds or which may have been a predominant behavior when he was a puppy. Remember that your dog's vitality is immense and his desire to please is evident with how cooperative and enthusiast he shows himself to be. During your dog obedience training sessions you must never become or use violent or aggressive methods to get your message across. The tools you will have to use are comprehension, flexibility, consistency, and patience; using these will make your job and the dog's a lot easier. Every practice you teach your dog must be done in harmony with the mechanism of the dog's body without making him do things or stand in positions that are uncomfortable – doing this will just turn your commands into an uncomfortable thing for the dog and the response you would get from your dog will just be rejection to anything you tell him. To teach a dog effectively we need to use vocalized orders, sounds and movements of our arms.

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