Dog Obedience Training

Training your dog to heel: TheDog Obedience Trainingcommand "Heel" is one of most basic of all commands and is the one that should be taught first. Place your dog on its leash and have your dog stand on your left side. The end of the leash should be in your right hand and the leash should cross over the front of your body, then with your left hand you should hold the leash about half way down. Holding the leash in this way will give you more control over both the length of leash that your dog has available to it and also the movements of the dog. Begin slowly walking while you give the command "Heel" and keep the leash short so that the dog remains by your left leg.
After a few steps stop, praise and reward the dog for a job well done.
Repeat this often until your dog automatically assumes a position next to your left leg when you begin walking.
Next try walking faster and with turns.
As you are walking tell the dog "Heel, left" and while moving the leash towards the left turn your body towards the left.
Now try doing the same but towards the right.
Start of with slow turns until your dog becomes familiar with the commands and then begin doing them at normal speed.
Now practice all of these different aspects together by walking at changing speeds and by making quick and unexpected turns. These types of practices will not only help your dog to become better trained but will also teach it the importance of paying close attention to you and your commands.
Once your dog has mastered walking at heel regardless of the speed or amount of turns then you can train it to walk at heel even without a leash.
When teaching your dog to walk at heel off of a leash make sure to begin inside of a fenced area and never take your dog out without the leash until you are sure that it will follow your commands both to heel and come when you call. Always be effusive with your praise and rewards.

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