Dog Ocular Infections

Red Eye in Dog: This is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctive which can be caused by an allergy, or by a solid particle, even by a problem with the mucous. This infection shows by the reddening of the eye, teary eyes and the inflammation of the conjunctive. The dog can have its eyes shut. If the tears are clear the infection is not severe. If it is not clear, you must be alarmed. This infection is treated with special eye drops and antibiotics. In some cases there is a possibility that it can be fixed by giving the dog a shot in the conjunctive.

The Reddening of the dog Eye: This is a sign that we must have in mind during eye care. This can never be considered normal, except in dog that have saggy eyes. The reddening of the eye can be due several problems. In all the cases we must take the dog to the vet. There are cleaning products, but they must only be used on a healthy eye or before a treatment which has been prescribed by the doctor in order for the eye drops to have a better effect. The most common cases of red eyes are the entropion andthe ectropion.

The Entropion: This happens when the eye lashes are in contact with the cornea, then irritation appears. The eye presents permanent tears. This can be prevented by surgery in order to separate the eyelid from the cornea. If this is not done the dog's eye will need permanent care.

The Ectropion: This happens when the conjunctive is in contact with the air. This immediately causes red eye. Through a surgical procedure we can replace the eyelid.

Queratitis: This is an inflammation of the cornea provoked by a mechanical action (scrapes, twigs, etc.), by a virus or bacteria. This infection must be treated with no delay in order to prevent an ulcer. It is often associated with conjunctivitis. Any spots or stain in the cornea require us to take the dog to the vet. It is better to take the dog to the vet than to initiate treatment with any eye drops because this can make the situation worse.

The Dirty Eye: Even though we clean the eye everyday, we always find the dried up mucous which have a dirty aspect. This is a common problem with the cockers because of the lack of tear secretion. The eyes are always dry. It is necessary to consult a vet. Taking Care of the Ears

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