Good Interesting Dog Information -Odds and Ends

  • No matter what breed a dog is, if he feels threatened he is capable of attacking.
  • The amount of threat a dog feels depends a lot on the previous experiences he had in other similar situations with strangers or other dogs, especially those that occurred when he was a puppy.
  • The level of aggression a dog shows depends on how big the threat is,how much confidence he inherited from his parents, and how much success he had in previous confrontations during his life.
  • Dogs mainly use their nose and mouth to learn about the world around them, whereas humans mainly use their eyes and hands. When meeting a dog try not to have too much visual and tactile contact with a dog to help him decrease his fear as this will help you to become friends quicker.
  • Dogs usually bite people in the hands.
  • Children use their hands to discover the world around them, whereas puppies use their mouth to do the same.
  • Puppies need to learn to trust a person's hands. Dogs that learn this during the first months of their lives rarely bite people. The only reason they would do this is when they feel threatened or to defend themselves.

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