Basic Puppy Dog Training: Obedience

What kind of training will my puppy need? Usually training is considered something apart from his normal activities, but in fact it could be very valuable for both, owner and dog, helping to strengthen the relationship. A trained dog, probably, will not run wildly through a highway in opposite direction of cars. Dogs are pack animals that take care of their leader, and are able to train firmly: with the most dominant breeds, specially, we must prevent conduct problems, as dogs must accept their position as subordinates, and should accept their owner's orders. Therefore it is clear, that to enjoy the pleasure of being an owner, you must train the puppy since the beginning. Young dogs are more appropriate for training, and this can start as soon as the dog arrives.

You must establish fixed rules and schedules for meals and other activities: There are some basic conduct rules the dog must learn. In first place, hygiene, he must learn to ask to be taken outside for his necessities. In the house he must learn not to damage the furniture, or jump on the bed. The young dog must answer to his name and recognize the family members, and not show any aggressiveness to them or their visitors. Out of home, the young dog must come back when called, walking calmly with without pulling his leash, to sit when ordered, and not to fight with other dogs. He must not jump up on people, nor entering in fields where there are other animals (specially sheep), and to walk on dirty streets. Training will be a successful only if the dog obeys without hesitation.

What basic dog training should I give the puppy?

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