Dog Paw Care - Dog Dewclaws - Anus Hygiene

If a dog has hairy paws, you will have to take care of them by cutting excessive hair. Paws can also suffer swelling during the winter, if the dog steps on the salt on the floor. Dry the dog's paws, and rub them with Petroleum jelly.
Toenail care: Active dogs' nails are naturally sharpened. But old dogs need a "pedicure", not only because they don't move as much, but also because their nails grow faster. To know what the length of the nails should be, take your dog's paw and hold it in front of you.If the nail goes beyond an imaginary horizontal line that connects the paw with the nails, you will have to trim it. An expert is to trim your dogs nails, these are not made of inert tissue, but have nerves inside, and cutting these nerves might cause terrible pain for the dog.

Dog Dewclaws: Dewclaws are toes that are never in contact with the floor. This means they are hardly ever used, but they still have to be checked every now and then. These are place in the inner side of the paws, and the nails can grow and hurt it. Pay attention to wounds, it is possible for the dewclaw to get caught in different places, especially when they are too up high. In this case they could be surgically removed.

Dog Anus hygiene: It is frequent for your dog to arrive back home with dirt in this region, especially if it suffers from diarrhea. You can just shower it or clean it with a wet cloth. If your dog has long hair, it is advisable for you to cut it near this region. A dog that scratches its anus with the floor may have worms or swollen anal glands. You have to take it to the vet in both cases.

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