Dog Position in Family. Dog Master VS Spoiled Dogs

The way that dogs see their status within their human family will not be determined by the encounters they have with other dogs. A dog has to base his judgment in a different evaluation of the strength and capacity of the person; regardless of the success he may have had with other dogs.When a puppy reaches six months of age, or after an adult dog has been in his new home for about two weeks, he will then have evaluated the place he best fits within the family.

Dog Master

After you master: A well trained dog will learn to always go through the door after the dog master has and will wait patiently for his master before going through. Dogs that believe they deserve to be in a higher status in the family will try to go through a door before their owners do, trying to show their power. These little competitions are often times something dog owners do not even realize and which are not considered important, but for an ambitious dog, they are more proof that they should be in charge of the situation.

Spoiled Dogs

Spoiled rotten dogs that always manage to get their way will be under the impression that life revolves around them which then leads them to believe that they are very important. Giving in to all the wants and desires of your dog will only make your dog think that he is in charge of the house. If you want your dog to know you are in charge, take him to the places you want, feed him at the times you want, etc, and later on, after he has learned and been trained, you can prize him for having obeyed. Doing this will help the dog learn to accept his place within the family.

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