Dog Pregnancy

If you are the owner of a female dog and you notice that her belly is getting round, one of the first thing that comes to mind is that you dog is pregnant, even though she is too old and/or you haven't observed her mating period. If pregnant, her body won't entirely get round (the folds of her skin remain relatively thin), just her womb will noticeably get bigger. This is easy to notice if you stand from behind.The pregnancy period normally lasts about fifty-nine to sixty-seven days. We will get a better idea of how it's going by going to the veterinarian and having him feel around (tough method) or by means of an ultrasonic inspection.

Dog less frequent afflictions: At this point, all these dog afflictions seem too much to bear. Not even a specialist can have a perspective of all the many possibilities. In this site, I have tried to put the most frequent ones as not to create confusion. However, there are diseases which we should at least think about when the dog gets sick and it isn't possible to get a diagnosis at first sight. The veterinarian will (and should!) gladly attend you and pay attention to all the indications you give him. He will also inspect the dog and go over his history in order to confirm or discard any suspicions.

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