Dog Pregnancy - Sign of Pregnancy in Dog

Dog Pregnancy lasts 60-65 days, during this time, a bitch will become heavier, larger and hungrier, and you will have to prepare her special food. Towards the end of the pregnancy in dogs, prepare a basket for the litter. From the 6th week it is possible to determine, through radiography, how many pups there are. Ultrasound is available too in some clinics.
Dog Phantom Pregnancy: Bitches can also present symptoms of phantom pregnancy after the heat. In this case they have to be taken to the vet and follow a treatment that will avoid mastitis and other complications.

Nutrition of a pregnant bitch: A pregnant bitch needs to eat two or three times what she usually eats. They need to eat loads of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. During lactation stage she needs loads of minerals.

Important: The bitch needs twice what she usually eats during the lactation period, or she will lose hair and become very weak.

Birth preparations: Basket: Pups will grow better in an appropriate basket, big enough to accommodate mother and litter. It has to be deep, so the puppies cannot escape or climb out of it, and has to have a blanket for them to keep warm. Try and get the bitch to get used to it before the birth.

Heating Lamp: get an infrared lamp of 150v. and put it 50-80cm away from the basket. This will help the puppies to be warm and it will be far enough for the bitch to not to be able to push it or hit it. Pups cannot keep their temperature for long right after they are born, so the lamp is necessary. Especially if the mother keeps going out.

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