Dog Problems and Solutions

If your dog gets distracted, put him in the right position by strongly pulling on collar with your left hand.

If your puppy is behaving rebelliously or if he won't respond to the food stimulus, try to get his attention by waving one of his favorite toys. Use a long leash to make him obey.

To keep your dog from jumping, hold the puppy's collar with your left hand and tempt him with the hidden prize in your right hand – which you must keep low.

If your puppy is not enjoying the training and is not interested in the food prize, try offering him a noisy toy, for example. The training sessions should be short, no more than a couple of minutes each time, always finishing with a period of fun playing.

Training your Dog to walk on a leash
The security and well-being of your puppy depend on you. You should never let your dog run freely if he is not under supervision and in a safe environment. If you already have already trained your puppy to sit and lie down while on a leash and to walk next to you off the leash, you can teach your dog to walk on the leash but without pulling it. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Begin the training at home. Let your puppy look at and smell the leash. Then attach him to his collar, which ought to be well adjusted, but without pressing too much, make it comfortable.

2. With your puppy on your left, hold a treat and the leash with your right hand. Your left hand should also hold the leash, which should be loose. Order the puppy to sit.

3. Start walking, but with your left foot first. When the puppy starts walking next to you, give him the order "next to me". If the dog takes the lead, move your left hand to the collar and softly pull backwards. Repeat a couple of times.

4. When the puppy remains next to you, give him the prize and say "good". Then order him to sit and repeat "good" when he does it. When the puppy obeys the sequence of orders, gradually go increasing the distance.

5. When a puppy is capable of walking next to you and obediently sits while you go from one room to the other, you can teach him to turn right. Guide him with your right hand while you give the "next to me" order.

6. In order to get the puppy to turn left, walk faster keeping the food in front of the puppy's snout to make him walk slower. Keep the puppy next to your left leg and give him the "go on" order when he begins to slow down.

Training Solutions
If your puppy tries to jump up to your face or clings onto the leash, say "no" or "out" in a forceful way. Step to a side, tell your dog to sit and start the exercise again from the beginning. At first, don't train him when you take him out for a walk as it is very probable that he will get distracted. Train him at home and then do it in less quiet places.

If your dog pulls the leash, neither you nor the dog should get distracted. Don't shout at him. With rebellious dogs use a head leash.

If your puppy doesn't want to move, encourage him softly and with patience, showing the dog one of his noisy toys. Don't pull the dog or get mad. You have to gain his confidence.

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