Dog Prosthetic Problems

When dogs often suffer from constipation, you should consider the possibility of a prosthetic affliction.

The gland called prostate, which is the size of an hazelnut, can grow up to the size of an apple and squeeze the rectum. An X-ray will enable us to see this clearly.

The remedy is consists in a hormonal treatment or even castration. The chance of getting healed are really good.Inflammation of the perianal glands
Chronic constipation irritates the anus. In such a case, the openings of the anal glands, which are the size of a pea, swell up, and its content is held back. Very tortuous inflammations can occur in those glands. The dog constantly licks the area and drags his rear end on the floor trying to alleviate the pain – the latter could also be a sign of tenias.

To remedy it, the veterinarian must put pressure on the glands, the content of which is very stinky.

Following that, using a special syringe, he will fill up the empty spaces with an anti-inflammatory drug.

Unfortunately, the glandular inflammation is often exposed to relapses. Nevertheless, you can avoid them by always maintaining the feces soft with an adequate diet.

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