Dog Pull Toys

Playing to win: Some dogs really enjoy pulling on objects from their owner's hands. Dogs lovedog pull toysas they have strong jaws and an strong desire to chew, bite and pull at things. Often times aggressive dogs will play this type of game to see if they are stronger than their rivals and to convince their opponent that they are more capable of leading the pack. There are however, dogs that are not aggressive that simply enjoy playing these types of games with their owners and it does not mean that they are trying to gain control over the situation; they just want to play.

Dog play: Body language is something dogs use a lot to communicate. If your dog is playing with a dog pull toy and another comes to grab it, you will be able to notice your dog's reaction by observing what position his body is in. Even though this type of thing is just a game and usually no grave consequences occur because of it, for the dogs it is an important way of deciding what type of hierarchy will exist between the two later on.

Top dog in charge: For new top dog leaders, it is important to clearly establish to the rest of the pack that they are in charge and in control of everything. Even though this type of thing is usually done in subtle ways, on occasions it is necessary for them to convince the rest of the pack that has not yet submitted themselves to them and to let them know that they are serious about being the leaders. Because of this, the exhibitions of aggression they have are not uncommon in packs that are just being formed or that are unstable, and especially so in the case of a leader fighting to maintain his privileged place.

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