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The responsibility of owning a dog:Whatever reason you chose to own a dog, the responsibilities within that decision will always be the same – without your help, the dog won't be able to feed, do the minimum necessary exercise, brush, or get the proper care when it gets sick. In short: the quality of life that your dog has will depend solely upon you. And the compromise you are about to get into, wont last a week, a month or a year, but most probable several years. The average life span of a dog is of 10 years and some even get to live sixteen or seventeen years. So, before you make up your mind, think it over and seriously examine your own lifestyle, your character, and the kind of surroundings you live in. Weigh the pros and cons that a dog might bring into your life and the inconveniences ofactually owning one. Each person will extract his or her own conclusions, but it is for the best to weigh out these options before you come to a decision. There are already too many stray dogs wondering in the streets simply because their previous owners decided they weren't up to the challenge of owning them. A dog's health deserves the best care possible. This means that you will have to protect your animal regularly from infections and worms that may afflict its breed. However, this is not the only consideration you must keep present when dealing with your dog: are you financially able to sustain your dog, the veterinary visits should the dog become ill or suffer a main injury? If the answer is no, it might be a good option to consider subscribing to an insurance policy that covers all medical expenses for your dog. The animal should enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, your leftovers from dinner or lunch won't be able to cover its basic needs. Are you as well prepared to deal with these expenses?

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