Dog Rabies and Dog Intoxication

Rabies: Many behavioral changes: faintheartedness, timidity, low-toned barks, slow-paced and a lot of saliva, could be indications of rabies. Don't get unnecessarily alarmed; if you suspect something, go to your veterinarian. The risk of a deadly affliction in your house is well worth the expense.

Dog Intoxication: More than one intoxication has been interpreted as rabies. Given the long list of possible poisons, mentioning the symptoms here would be endless. Important: If your dog presents clear behavioral changes, it is recommended, even if it's for your own tranquility, don't let the dog suffer and go to the veterinarian.

I've already covered this disorder. Those who have seen this for the first time might think that she's going through a deep emotional hardship. However, the cure here is simple: worry less and take her out for walks.

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