Dog Reward or bribe?

The difference between a bribe and a reward is important. A bribe is when you offer your dog something so that he will do what you want, whereas a reward is something you give him only after doing what you want.Offering your dog a snack so that he will get out of the garden is a bribe which if there are no options or you are pressed for time can be acceptable.

With the reward nothing is offered until after the correct action happens. When you reward your dog it helps to ensure that he will repeat the behavior. For example: you call your dog to come to you and he comes, so you reward him and let him go to play once more. By rewarding him in this way he is more likely to come the next time you call him. He is receiving two rewards here, the snack for obeying and then being allowed to go back and play more. Obviously this is more desirable and fun for the dog; than being bribed to come, then put on a leash and stuck in the car to go home.

The benefits of strong leadership

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