Praise Dog VS Dog Discipline

There is a 2 types of education that works. You praise and you discipline the dog as needed. Positive education is the best for bringing out the dog's natural behavior and aptitudes. Praises increase greatly the possibility that a wanted behavior is repeated. This method is used to train animals, where the reward is equivalent to a snack. In education a praise is something rare, and they are equivalent to a present, since it will have an exceptional value. The dog has to understand that the owner is happy. That is the only way that it will repeat whatever we ask from it hoping that it will unleash happiness again. Once the behavior is acquired no more rewards will be necessary. The reward can be a snack that is not given to the dog everyday, a good dose of petting or just simple cheerful phrases. The punishment must be something exceptional. The easiest way is to hold the dog by the skin behind the neck, like a rabbit, without lifting it from the ground. The animal will show its dislike right away because it doesn't like it. We shall not let go off the animal until it stops to feel sorry and to question itself. Ignoring the dog completely is also interpreted as punishment. The dog does not like it when the owner is not in charge of it.

Each dogs to Their Place: The lack of hierarchical placements in a puppy originates several pathological behaviors, especially biting. At the base of this behavior we find the partial or total absence of authority by the owner. This is when the dog thinks that it is the protector of the owner and his/her family. In this sense, the dog thinks that he is the chief of the group and this gives it the position to impose its law. If the members of the family do not respect, the dog will react with barking, biting, etc. A dog can have a dominating character, but must not show it in the context of family. The relationship between the owner and the dog is established through each order. The behavioral alterations in the puppy can be the result of a problem in its relationship with the mother or the owner. Therefore, it is important to recognize the mechanism in which these alterations occur. The puppy's character is also a factor that you must have in mind. We have seen the different stages through which the puppy goes through and we have mentioned the importance of socialization. It is not convenient to accelerate the evolution of a puppy in order to obtain a behavior that can only be acquired at a certain age. The owner has the obligation to follow the puppy's steps of evolution, in order to know what stage the puppy is going through.

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