Why Dog Rolls Over Underdogs

Underdogs: Dogs that roll over on their backs and show their stomachs are performing a total vulnerable attitude that lets the leader or owner know that he has accepted that he is in the last place within the family or pack. Sometimes dogs will do this when they are faced with an aggressive dog to let them know they have accepted that the top dog is in control of what happens, but it is not very common. This type of strategy however, is good since it often times helps the underdog come out of situations that would have been disastrous any other way. How to teach a dog to roll over? Well, it's not necessary here is it?

I'm just a small little puppy: Sometimes puppies that come face to face with bigger dogs will instinctively do a clear demonstration of submission to avoid getting attacked. If the puppy lifts one of his front legs, takes his tongue out, and shows his tummy – he is doing it to let the bigger dog know he is not out to cause problems. There are however, many puppies that do the opposite.

Nice dogs: If a dog "bows" at a person, he is clearly showing that he is worried about meeting this stranger. A dog that does this is not sure about what the possible intentions of the person are, so he will continue to keep his head down while at the same time lifting one of his front legs. When a dog lifts one of his front legs up, he is showing an act of submission (don't get the dog wrong though, this does not mean you are supposed to grab his leg). People mistakenly think that when a dog "gives his leg" to them, that the dog is trying to "shake hands". If the dog's head is down and he is not showing his teeth, it simply means that he does not have any intentions of becoming aggressive.

Give me a dog treat: A dog that reaches out to grab at something while at the same time sitting and lifting his head, feels completely comfortable with his human family. Usually dogs will only do this when they see something they want that is being offered to them and to people they know well. This type of gesture is not one of submission, but rather a gesture of feeling comfortable enough to ask for what he wants.

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