Dog Senses. Dogs have 5 (five) of them too.

If you want to know how a dog really perceives life, it's important to understand its sensorial abilities. Thesense of smellandhearingare the two most developed senses, with which, they obviously receive most information from.Taste,touchandsightare second place.The canine memory bare stores images, but on the other hand it does store feelings attached tosmell,soundandtouch.

Nowadays, the change of habits and life in the city has changed threshold of their sensorial perception. The sense of hearing and smelling of dogs raised in the city is much less than those in brought up in the country. This reduction is not necessarily negative, although it does lose some of its aptitudes for survival, it helps it better resist excessive sound and odors in the city. Just think for example of all effort the dog is put through bearing the thunderous roar of motors and horns; and the danger some substances cause like gasoline, antifreeze or solvents (all very attractive strong smells). On the other hand, when its in contact with man its visual abilities are increased, since it needs to learn how to differ small objects that aren't always in motion and a great deal of the communication is visual.

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