Dog Age - Puppy age Spayed

Puppy Dog Stage of Spayed: This stage begins when the puppy is born until it is about one year, sometimes even until the puppy is 18 to 24 months old, depending on the breed. It is a complex stage which has different well distinguished phases. The individual must first identify itself as specie, and then it must do it with himself, after that it must identify its environment and finally those of its kind.
NOTE: No puppy should be separated from its mother or the herd, in normal conditions, until the puppy is eight to twelve weeks old, so that the premature abduction will not cause adaptation or behavioral problems in the future. It is also essential to respect the minimum amount of time to do something about the puppy's parasites and vaccinations which protect it from external aggressions. This is also the time in the puppy's life where the growth, cognitive, social and sexual development happen, that is why it is vital to provide the puppy with all the indispensable stuff for this evolution to happen in optimal conditions; in both welfare and hygiene, nourishment and education, since the puppy's behavior, health and physical condition will depend on all of these. This is a phase in which veterinary controls are required at least monthly and at most every three months, so that we can anticipate an possible complication due to the puppy's growth and it is also a delicate moment for its nourishment and exercise; the nutrition must be adequate to its age and size, and in the case of exercise, we must control the number of hours that are dedicated to this. It has been demonstrated that many muscle and skeletal problems of the adult dog are the consequence of an inadequate management of these two aspects in the puppy.

The Adult Stage

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