Games and sports in summer: care to avoid the dog make to much effort when it's too hot (disregarding long bike rides with him as a companion).

Games and sports in winter:best not demand much effort from animals that suffer from arthritis, rheumatic or ligaments. The salt from defrost may produce burns in their paws. Find it convenient to spread Vaseline on their paws. Skidding on ice can cause distension. To wet dogs it is good to dry them well with a towel. Avoid air currents.

Swimming: also may be done in winter, but best avoid cold water. Danger from wounds under swamps and dredged lakes from crystals, metallic objects or rocks with sharp edges, which can give place to infections that are hard to cure. Swimming with convalescence of a ligament has therapeutic effects.

Running: Frequent and long walks are not good for your dog, especially if he is at a growing age, because their bones are soft and can cause growth problems.

Frisbee: never throw the disc directly towards the dog.tug a war with dog

Tug-war: doesn't have any risk with a dog that has healthy teeth. But pulling at a rope or blanket can cause deformations with the dogs jaw especially in it growing period, and may cost him a tooth.

Gathering rocks: wears away at its teeth, small rocks can be swallowed and large ones can cause tooth fractures.

Ball game: in danger of swallowing a ball or a small toy. Run to the vet immediately just in case. Frequent Sin toms: uneasiness, vomit, and diarrhea.

Limping and Whining: there cold be several reasons: the breaking of hybrid ligament, fracture of meniscus, the loss of damaged growth in a puppy that's in development, to tear, cracking toes. In any case run to the vet immediately.

Signs of Exhaustion: uneasiness, excessive panting, limping, denies obeying orders, not wanting to get up. Each and every one of the exercises shown in this manual, are accompanied by specific instructions to ensure this activity is done in a safe way.

Educating while Playing

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