Puppy Dog Daily Alimentation & Diet

From the baby bottle to the bowl: In the case of premature adoption due to abandonment of the mother or the impossibility of breast feeding, we will have to use the baby bottle. This type of feeding must be exceptional and we must not prolong it more than it is necessary. Baby bottles can be used for puppies of large breeds. For the smaller puppies, it is convenient to consult a veterinarian, a pharmacist or a person who distributes dog products. After weaning, we will choose a bowl depending on the animal's adult size. It can be metal, plastic or wooden, and it must be stable. We will have to choose a model that is perfect for the dog and very hard to tip over. The owners that live in cold regions (where the exterior temperature is usually under 0°C) and whose dog's eat outside, must not pick a metal bowl because if not the dog's tongue will get stuck to the freezing bowl when it get cold. In the case that the owner should not be home for dinner, he can use an automatic food distributor; which will always have to be dry for hygiene reasons. It is enough with programming a time and the amount of a ration and the machine will be in charge of doing everything else.

The drinking bowl: The best drinking bowl is a concave one with a flat bottom and enough surface area in order to ensure stability. There are containers similar to the ones that small rodents use (like hamsters and lab rats), but larger. They can hold a quantity of clean water during the whole day, while the water from a conventional container can get dirty easily (with hairs, dust, insects, saliva, etc.). We must clean and disinfect the water container regularly.

Good Dog Feeding Habits

Like master, like dog. The Dog's Place: Contrary of what the naïve people think and want to convince us that the dog is practically a human being, we must not forget that the dog is a domesticated carnivore. Even though the dog does not hunt and enjoys certain commodities, this does not mean that we have to be condescending with it.

The Time of Feeding: The adult dog eats at regular times 2 times a day. There is no reason of why the owner should feel guilty if it does not allow the dog to be with him at the table.

The Same Rule for Everyone: When several dogs live under the same roof, it is convenient to adopt the same education principles with all of them. Likewise, each member of the family and the people who must take care of the animals while we are gone must know the established rules and must stick to them as much as we do.

Certainty and Coherence: The dog's education should be as coherent as possible. If we prohibit the dog from begging, we can't be giving it biscuits when it is not time to eat. If we don't want the dog to steal any food then we will not leave any food at its reach. Water Necessities

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