Balanced Dog Food Mix

Balanced Dog food Mix

Daily care of a dog is simple, though, now it's hard to decide among a wide range of food and other articles available. Dogs have a very adaptable nature, but usually are creatures of habit. They will soon know when meal time is, or to go out for a walk. However, sometimes it is worth making some alterations, otherwise you'll become your dog's slave.

Dog Meals: Now is easier than before to give them a healthy and balanced diet. The most frequent harmful effects due to overfeeding, not deficiencies, are: obesity and vitamin excess.

Since dogs are carnivorous. Should they be fed meat only? No. In fact, dogs are less dependable on meat than cats. A wide range of foods will keep him healthy. Proteins, composed of many amino acids, can derive from vegetables as well as animals. Vegetable proteins lack some essential amino acids that must be present in the diet, otherwise some deficiencies could arise. Proteins are necessary for growing, and also have other specific functions, including a major part in the cellular membranes of the body. They are also needed to cure a tissue. Carbon hydrates in diets are specially used to satisfy the energetic needs of the body, and frequently are found in the shape of flour, rice or bread crackers. The third great group of feeding articles is that of grease, a high concentrated source of energy. In fact, the excess of carbon hydrates in the body is stored as grease, which can be later transformed into an isolator against cold, and protecting vital organs like the kidneys. There's an essential grease acid, known as linoleum acid that should be included in the diet. Vitamins and minerals, though in small measures, are fundamental for the dog's welfare. Vitamin D, for example, controls the calcium reserves of the body, and this mineral, along with phosphorus, is crucial to keep healthy bones.

Is it possible to feed a dog with vegetarian food?

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