Cost of Owning a Dog and Dog Expenses

Here is an Idea of the Cost's your dog will bring:
When purchasing your dog: You want to invest a healthy amount of money in purchasing your dog. The purchasing of a dog, depending on its bread, age, and way of being brought up, may fluctuate between the prices of 600 to 800 EUR. We may also purchase a dog from the Animal Hound, or in the Animal Shelter Society, porting a mountable fee to pay for the identification and vaccination of the dog.

  • Equipment: The price will depend on the quality and frequency in which you renew your equipment. (Between $202 to $1532 in 10 years).
  • Nutrition: Your dog needs a specific amount of healthy food daily in order to be in good shape and stay healthy. You must calculate an average of $0.50 to $4.20 a day, by which, at the end of the year should sum up to $183 to $1533.
  • Taxes: It may vary according to the different regions and populations, but presently rounds off to $18,3 to $30 per year.
  • Insurance: It is to your convenience to hire a responsible insurance company, which shouldn't be more then $50 per year.
  • Veterinarian: The yearly vaccination shots will consist of a visit to the veterinarian. Also, you'll be assured that your dog is free from any sicknesses as well. You may calculate the cost should be some $100 per year.

A Dog At Home

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