"Dogs keep having the same behaviors and keen senses as their wild ancestors. It's amazing how they pick up the smallest traces of smell and weakest sounds".Observations About Wolves: During the three years he lived with a pack of wolves and many poodles, Erik Zimen, an author specialized on the subject registered 362 different behaviors in wolves which the poodles still maintained 2/3 of. They have lost the ones not necessary when living with humans. Therefore, basic knowledge on wolves and their behavior helps in understanding dogs.

Hierarchy: is rigorously established, starting with the leader of the pack. Every member of the pack helps educate the young ones; there is a control of births in the pack.

Babysitters: lower-ranked wolves take care of young ones when more qualified wolves go out to hunt.

Pack Spirit: many generations live together, which protects the pack.

Good Organization: to live this way there has to be precise communication. Generally visual signs are used: positions and movements in different parts of the body, above all in the tail and ears. All this is part of strictly maintained behavior through which the hierarchy is usually established.

Howling: helps a lost wolf find the pack and reinforces the group feeling.

Team Spirit: is shown when a wild animal is sensed. The wolves get together looking towards the direction of the prey, so close together that they seem as one. After a few moments of tension the pack runs off and the hunt begins.

Teachings for dogs: the most important is related to the group feeling. The dog only feels good in society, therefore you shouldn't leave it alone. You have to learn to interpret what the dog is trying to say. They talk to their owner with their ears, hair and tail. Try to maintain a hierarchy in the family, the leader must be a man not a dog. When it wants to get our attention or tell us something it barks. This they have learned living with humans and is part of their language. A howling dog is calling the herd when it feels lonely or it's mate when there's a dog in heat close by.Dogs as Independent Beings

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