Dog' Sex Life

Sex is the key for antisocial conducts. Decisions to turn a dog asexual are arguable, but eliminate many problems with both, males and females.
What are the symptoms if my female dog has piometra? This problem, basically, affects female dogs over five years old. At the beginning, it's hard to detect, but is usually related being in heat during the second month after the previous period. The female can stop eating, and drinking more than usual, which increases urine. She can also has to vomit, with an increase in the abdomen size, and some pus in the vulva. Sometimes, this is described as closed piometra, and indicates the uterus is inflated with a hideous smelling liquid. If you suspect your dog has piometra, rush to your veterinary. Generally, the only efficient treatment is surgery, eradicating the infected uterus and ovary. The veterinarian can confirm the diagnosis with X rays. Piometra is a serious infection, but a total recovery is possible after surgery, providing there are no further complications.

Cutting the dog's tail

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