Dog's Third Age -Old Grand Father Dogs

Back in the day, there were times that owners would get rid off their old dogs. The guardian dog who could no longer accomplish his tasks would be given away or eliminated by a shot. What determined the longevity of a dog was how useful he was to his owners. Nowadays, this no longer occurs. Your veterinarian will not sacrifice a dog just because he is old. As a general norm, a dog that is healthy and old should not be sacrificed. Without a doubt, everyone has heard stories where dogs have been left without a master. This could occur from a divorce, an illness that prohibits you from having a dog around or even because a dog has reached an old age. While a young dog can accept the fact that he has been thrown out of the family, for an old dog it is a traumatic and difficult experience.

It is said that if a dog has had a loving family, it will be easier for him to adapt to a new family because he has learned that people can be trusted and that a relationship with a person can bring security and comfort. The workers of a shelter can write whole books with stories explaining why people leave their old dogs behind. At the end of the story, there will always be an unhappy relationship between the poor dog and his inconsiderate owner. If you decide to adopt an old dog, you should take into consideration that his behavior might change in the long run. At the beginning, he will be reserved and submissive, but this will change after a couple of months. You should consider that your adopted old dog has gone through a hard time and feels insecure. Once he feels secure at home, you can start teaching him how to behave in certain situations.

Getting your Dog Accustomed to the Environment: In order to get your old dog used to his new home, it is important to know about his past life. If you adopt the dog of a friend, it is easy to retrieve this information. Soon you will know what your dog fears, his likes and dislikes, the best way to make him obey you, his favorite food and all the other little things that are important to live with your dog. Make sure you get all the information because it will be very useful for you.old dog

In the case of an abandoned dog, you cannot get such information. You must find out what kind of life style your dog is used too and make it better for him. Introduce your dog to a variety of situations and soon you will know his habits. Try to make him involved in obedience exercises and it will help establish your authority over him. This will also strengthen your relationship with him and make the experience with your dog a pleasant one. Take your time and give time to your new friend. I am sure everything will be fine.Old Dogs and Children

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