Dog Scabies - Scabies in Dog

Scabies is caused by little parasites (mite) that live on the skin. If your dog is well taken care of, well fed, and enjoys good health, the skin will literally get rid of the unwanted pests. However, when the dog is unattended, these mite can develop and become a serious threat.Itching is a sign of dog scabies, although it is not always characteristic. When the eyelashes start losing thickness and the skin around the ear (earlobe), the soles of the feet, or any other place start flaking and itching, you should suspect scabies. Yet only the veterinarian can tell you for sure if there are mites on your dog. Two species of mites are related to dogs:

  1. Follicle mites - they tend to gather on the hairs around the nose and eyes. The kind of scabies produced by this mite follows a slow course, hardly bite, and only causes infrequent, unimportant diseases, but it is hard to get rid of.
  2. Mange mites – can rapidly provoke serious scabrous eczema's which are very extended and itch a lot, in the case of a bad diet or additional diseases.

Important: You must attack mites in a strategic way! Start with a diagnosis. To establish one, all you need is valid evidence from the microscope. Following that, you will need an effective preparation according to the kind of mite your dog is afflicted with; this preparation ought to be used several times, according to the prescription. You must give your dog a good and balanced diet, which doesn't mean you are to fatten him.

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