Dog Scent Messages

Other type of dog odors: We will explain all of the signs that dogs emit because of secretions that come from the dog's glands; these glands are located on the face of the dog, on his tail, in the bottom of his paws and in the anal area. The glandular secretions that come from a dog's anus have two functions: one is to reinforce its territorial area through voluntary and smelly secretions to avoid intruders from stepping in; other times it is an involuntary action depending on if the dog is under stress, is scared etc. There are other types of odors in general are released by the glands on the dog's skin and these produce greasy secretions, another type of odor comes from the sweat glands that produce wet secretions. In general though, it is believed that adog's glandular secretions are emitted to communicate a his social status, sexual or emotional; just observe two dogs that meet for the first time, watch how they start acting out a series of behaviors, almost as if they were inspecting the other dog with their "smell behavior" and the places of their body that they use to do this is are mostly located on the head, anus and genitals. Female dogs, regardless of the other dog's sex, smell the dog's head; male dogs however, smell the posterior area and even more so if that male just so happens to be the dominant one. A dog inspects the other trying at the same time to avoid as much as possible exposing his smell to the other. (This of course, changes when a female dog is in heat; in these cases the female actually invites the male dog to inspect her anal region).

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