Dog Separation Anxiety in Dogs and Puppy

The cause for a dog separation anxiety problem in puppies is the hurt they fell when separated from its owner. To understand this problem of Dog Separation Anxiety we have to back up to the moment of separation from the mother. When the puppy is sold it separates from the mother, brothers and the known surroundings. The result is a state of anxiety and in these conditions the puppy seeks for someone who can grant it tranquility. This will be someone who is almost always available. The link that is established is very important, but we cannot forget that the mother will reject the puppy for it to become independent. If, on the other hand the protection is reinforced, the dog will never be independent, and if the owner is not available problems could arise. The puppy organizes its life depending on someone. The strength of this union can be the cause of mental problems that will appear as a type of depression.

The Hypersensitivity and Hyperactivity Syndrome: Females that give birth for the first time, as well as those breeds who give birth to a large amount of offspring, predispose their puppies to this upheaval. Dogs are constantly alert and sleep very little. They also show brutal behaviors. They don't know how to play and the playing times usually end up in biting. As a consequence, dogs develop anxiety behaviors, since they are constantly scolded at and they don't know why.

Conclusion on Puppy Separation Anxiety: Twenty percent of the dog's adult behavior is inherited and the other eighty percent are learned during its infancy. It is very important that the dog grows in a stable environment. Experience is a basic aspect for learning and the surroundings are also part of it. If the people who live there know what the stages that a puppy goes through are, the following of its evolution will be much easier and we will be able to treat the dog in an adequate way so that there are no behavioral upheavals. We hope that we have convinced the reader about the importance of knowing the different phases of growth that the puppy goes through, even though there are parts where the owners help is not needed and cannot be ignored. Taking Care of the Dog Day by Day

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