Dog Separation Syndrome in Puppies

Is also a result of the puppies' anxiety?: Dog is a social animal and for him solitude is not normal. Dog Separation Syndrome is a situation that could disturb him greatly if not assimilated gradually.

Origins: The moment of buying a puppy is for him a very difficult period of his life. His is taken away abruptly from his mother and brothers, so he looks for affection from his new owner, who is willing to give him everything. Nevertheless, there must be a fair balance between giving safety to the puppy and protecting him excessively. The owner must know to say "no", cause if not he will create an affective dependency dangerous for the animal's balance. The separation syndrome appears frequently after a period of common life and an abrupt change. Like when the dog is bought on vacations, and later you have to go back to work.

Separation Symptoms: This syndrome is expressed by a total rejection to solitude. The dog howls and scratches doors without control. The owners' attitude reprimanding the dog worsens the problem. The dog, not able to do anything to solve it, will quickly develop an anxiety that will increase the intensity of pathologic signs: licking, bulimia, self mutilation. Then depression will come. The puppy will turn indifferent to everything around him. Evolution process is similar to that of privation syndrome, though origins are different.

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